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Wed Jan 13 23:03:11 2016 +0000
ac21baf87df2fb794c39e1f28c70a715dae1edc4Brian Birtles — Bug 1235112 - Move animation style rule processors to EffectCompositor; r=heycam
c47a6e0a6d9553b19f7acbabc660c13bcb7fd39bBrian Birtles — Bug 1237467 part 4 - Delete the EffectSet when it becomes empty; r=heycam
7609ca218902a293b83022902344244cf54264baBrian Birtles — Bug 1237467 part 3 - Add debug methods to determine if an EffectSet is currently being enumerated; r=heycam
d63ca2677bd52b3ee47210cc9b3dd04a825b90fcBrian Birtles — Bug 1237467 part 2 - Clear mProgressOnLastCompose when the effect is no longer relevant; r=heycam
5a3d7e16b1e02e1f04c9769f2d5c5557770663f6Brian Birtles — Bug 1237467 part 1 - No longer mark element as needing an animation restyle if we go to restyle it and it no longer has an effect set; r=heycam