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Tue Mar 17 16:29:35 2015 +0000
7542e92bf99c5cfcc3912ecad3b4e5d97c22162bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1142841: Convert all nsRefPtr<nsIRunnable> to nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable>. r=ehsan
c96a700ca7768bcb42f1b870bbecea60251f9f81Daniel Holbert — Bug 1143823 part 3: Make PeerConnectionMedia::PerformOrEnqueueIceCtxOperation() take a raw pointer instead of a nsRefPtr. r=bwc
c603947812d85dc84899b0694523cf5ce527b1d1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1143823 part 2: Make PeerConnectionCtx::queueJSEPOperation take a raw pointer instead of a nsRefPtr. r=bwc
6ee4f09ee30cf5f8e0c7fb5c500c2b79c2152cfaDaniel Holbert — Bug 1143823 part 1: Make MediaStream::RunAfterPendingUpdates() take already_AddRefed instead of a nsRefPtr. r=karlt