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Fri May 06 18:04:36 2016 +0000
ef1d1a4334157c6e26a6006ae6e949222e4f6c89Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1190641 part 3. Add the sandbox propagates to auxiliary browsing contexts flag to iframe sandboxing. r=ckerschb
b037f264208284688c059587db7e45158596c256Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1190641 part 2. Add the sandboxed modals flag to iframe sandboxing. r=ckerschb
733eacd2ed13b581e03868160b8a68f42dabf63bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1190641 part 1. Reorder nsSandboxFlags.h to match the spec order better so it's easier to tell where they diverge. r=ckerschb