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Thu Nov 13 09:13:45 2014 +0000
13167bb74be0eafadf1b2a002a1e8ccdb756c684Jonathan Kew — Bug 1094434 - Reftests for display of resizer on vertical-lr and vertical-rl textareas. r=roc
e36492ae23a67530e0e12dc810971bffe251b797Jonathan Kew — Bug 1094434 - Render resizer appropriately for vertical-lr and vertical-rl writing modes. r=roc
acb19a80d5f7a2588d195041abe4e25bd9520aedJonathan Kew — Bug 1093553 - Followup to fix positioning of the caret with writing-mode:vertical-lr and text-orientation:sideways-right. r=smontagu
9e5ac3d61831ac98565256fadbb254f03269b3a5Jonathan Kew — Bug 1093553 - Improve handling of line-height metrics, block ascent, etc., in vertical writing mode. r=smontagu
72894fb00f2544fdc68948a3d58eb8dc4b7d39b0Jonathan Kew — Bug 1090159 - Reftest for erratic baseline in vertical-rl mode. r=smontagu
9f4207643d30e6507090bd75621260b4812e129cJonathan Kew — Bug 1090159 - Correct baseline alignment in vertical-rl writing mode. r=smontagu
aadd7fffaa99cc24ead11ee1a7ada35fd9cb8783Jonathan Kew — Bug 1091058 - Reftest for underlining of vertical writing-mode spans. r=smontagu
6ec811674d955e1a17562b40fd3cda9b8292c492Jonathan Kew — Bug 1091058 - Fix positioning of text-decoration lines in vertical writing mode. r=smontagu
7abada342a017e5eba9aad79b6c581c3a8e08026Jonathan Kew — Bug 1090168 - Reftests for textBaseline support in <canvas> vertical writing-mode text. r=jdaggett
618d8f44d9e29ce6513f2833bf2f633f5dd56784Jonathan Kew — Bug 1090168 - part 2 - Adjust initial value of textBaseline depending on writing-mode and text-orientation properties. r=jdaggett
fad675db45989ce9d487bdf244ce1e85a8e29afaJonathan Kew — Bug 1090168 - part 1 - Make textBaseline attribute in <canvas> work for vertical text. r=jdaggett
bfd8c44bfe8631cbb31818ee2332e019100526a0Jonathan Kew — Bug 1093165 - Include the text-orientation value in WritingMode, and add the IsSideways flag for baseline decisions. r=smontagu
902d968a06b15b86c632cdd72c3f5186a519ec47Jonathan Kew — Bug 1088025 - Reftest for positioning of lines within paragraphs in a vertical-rl block. r=dbaron
633acdbe6568a204f8e4dfd07cec213bd36bb279Jonathan Kew — Bug 1088025 - part 2 - Fix up block-dir position of lines in a vertical-rl block once we know the final block size (container width) needed to map to physical coordinates. r=dbaron
355036dd6de6bc355c4962296594c7a8ef8708abJonathan Kew — Bug 1088025 - part 1 - Ensure nsBlockReflowState has a constrained mContainerWidth before we reflow lines into the container. r=dbaron
97219a3030c136bdc3b6297ef869506964dccb1dJonathan Kew — Bug 1089581 - Convert nsLineBox::SlideBy to use logical coordinates. r=smontagu
3ebcf80eb1a46c1be9ba01d99fa4baa176b96a5fJonathan Kew — Bug 1089388 - Reftests for nsBlockFrame::SlideLine in vertical writing modes. r=smontagu
5cd3b7c1a75562773b05e505ac0fc37559f4a0b5Jonathan Kew — Bug 1089388 - Followup to add a LogicalPoint version of nsIFrame::MovePositionBy, and use this in SlideLine. r=smontagu
1d16a1306420b0da0c84a652177cb4f50f253e50Jonathan Kew — Bug 1089388 - Convert nsBlockFrame::SlideLine to use logical coordinates. r=smontagu
5a6555e3ae8ca18f7ca55424945b525418c2d785Jonathan Kew — Bug 1094914 - Reftest for margins and writing-mode of an inline block. r=smontagu
3183bb0cb92caafed5778c190459e7c7947afb3bJonathan Kew — Bug 1094914 - part 2 - Store margins and borders using line's writing mode in perFrameData, to avoid writing-mode conversions. r=smontagu
29519b0eac483941a063c825dfd06b5f8f1432f5Jonathan Kew — Bug 1094914 - part 1 - Don't confuse frame and line writing-modes in nsLineLayout. r=smontagu