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Tue May 20 19:44:23 2014 +0000
6f9b35588b74c3d530a51161ad6d197299fa883fDaniel Holbert — Bug 1012858: Mark widget/xpwidgets/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=roc
2940750f68eaf6644d66f3e0976094dc176ba3c8Daniel Holbert — Bug 1012860: Explicitly static_cast M_PI to float, to fix MSVC warnings for double-to-float conversion. r=roc
92982748e41b30215c0181e843cd53364866a7e4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1012814 part 2: Use size_t instead of uint32_t for nsTArray iteration, in nsTransferable.cpp. r=bjacob
9c12250ddf175c151661626a3f3a3d7ed4eac9e4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1012814 part 1: Use size_t instead of uint32_t, for value compared against nsTArray::NoIndex, in nsTransferable.cpp. r=bjacob