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Wed Sep 19 10:47:26 2018 +0000
f29ac15230108557e54eecef54a02b5c2f3cdadaNeil Deakin — Bug 1478372, remove unneeded QueryInterface implementation for custom XUL elements as this is now done by nsXULElement::QueryInterface, r=bgrins
7e69cb7b920612ef9c4d88ea48d5bbdf47970720Neil Deakin — Bug 1478372, allow QueryInterface to be used for custom element implemented interfaces, r=bz,bgrins
6dd5d0b6ba70f12bef8b14d1bff19d15f3f3aac7Emma Malysz — Bug 1465219, use XULMenuElement, a subclass of nsXULElement, instead of MenuBoxObject for menu and menulist elements, r=paolo,bz