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Tue Apr 26 16:56:57 2016 +0000
4e08f29820a35936be6142b86350318e3246633dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1263845. When a parent changes from auto height to non-auto height or vice versa, a percentage height non-block child needs to realize it's doing a vertical resize. r=dbaron
6dd235136facc833619c153a6f27bfe96f709cb7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1266851. Make <xmp> and <listing> use HTMLPreElement as their primary interface, per <>. r=peterv
114081c3fa90a4ecdaf991bc93e4e99c8942cb15James Graham — Bug 1266831 part 2. Add some tests stolen from so I (<>) can land test coverage together with the code change. r=jgraham
08f94138367c5fa290ae19fa276d0b26462018ecBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1266831 part 1. Remove the unnecessary (and incorrect, in the XML case) innerHTML getter override from <xmp> and <plaintext>. r=smaug