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Tue Oct 06 13:37:16 2015 +0000
89416f2918ed137dd6c5bff8da28fbbaff974225Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P13 Remove ForceNoIntercept from jar channel. r=jduell
581fec38b1d92175ed7dd4474b17f465091b7206Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P12 Remove http channel's ForceNoIntercept. r=jduell IGNORE IDL
3945685c83e39e68a5eb4e3c13467c03e1d65dadBen Kelly — Bug 1210941 P11 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in worker ScriptLoader. r=ehsan
ac6376757d9c3048ff8d929b79357e86d398ee1bBen Kelly — Bug 1210941 P10 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in nsNSSCallbacks. r=ehsan
783ef9cb58022dc7b90e464bb4d8b13bb688ae66Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P9 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in nsCORSListenerProxy. r=ehsan
9184e91f177d5ff6937b5ed712e62af80270bd81Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P8 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in xslt txURIUtils. r=ehsan
6532d08e71c6ccece3a1f84aefab26d8c5c014b0Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P7 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in ServiceWorkerScriptCache. r=ehsan
6d4f02b052139103d7dcd7f687a22efb0579ab47Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P6 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER instead of ForceNoIntercept in FetchDriver. r=ehsan
1bd2b8a58acc26a9c55aa798a6cd668baa4e3d5dBen Kelly — Bug 1210941 P5 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in nsObjectLoadingContent instead of ForceNoIntercept(). r=ehsan
b51bece75129d014624ed3e49e644c4153ebb807Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P4 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER instead of ForceNoIntercept in nsDocShell. r=ehsan
9525edea379d7986d13001b4fc7c30917e853042Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P3 Make jar channels use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER internally. r=jduell
8b44bb42ae5c4b4b055b710824ac1db1e869698eBen Kelly — Bug 1210941 P2 Use LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER in HttpBaseChannel instead of mForceNoIntercept. r=jduell
95357a330321dc6f4c36c1b77e66cf35cf93a215Ben Kelly — Bug 1210941 P1 Create the LOAD_BYPASS_SERVICE_WORKER flag. r=jduell