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Fri May 18 19:33:51 2018 +0000
7658d2d1e0d74ef1b887f871c67502b90bfd2f36Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Don't PodZero ObjectGroupCompartment -- just add member initializers inside the class definition. r=jandem
441f59473bfa21d92affe6de99392f0975ac0311Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Don't PodZero ObjectGroup instances inside the ObjectGroup constructor -- set most fields using member-initializers in the constructor, and add initializers in the class body for the remaining two fields. r=jandem
562e5ddb5332496d0198e397ce6d005c33e9cffcJeff Walden — Bug 1462544 - Use <algorithm> functions to fill and copy data in Bitmap.* rather than PodOperations.h functions. r=jandem
63d37d73f5ae5d76fd50a469a9c67fc9f38b3b82Jeff Walden — Bug 1462544 - Various readability and IWYU fixes to ds/Bitmap.h. r=jandem
7491ab23247fc11cca02bd0a4f54ed92f15b40f4Jeff Walden — Bug 1462540 - Initialize NativeIterator objects (and any associated property name strings and HeapReceiverGuards) all within a single constructor call, without using PodZero. r=jandem
7d83c7de94049fd53fec35e5e7eebf8134c52cc0Jeff Walden — Bug 1462540 - Remove NativeIterator::guard_array: its numeric value is identical to NativeIterator::props_end. r=jandem
6ae525ee499f45683e3f5ee302652c3782467034Jeff Walden — Bug 1462540 - Remove NativeIterator::props_array (it's trivial to recalculate it when it's needed), and add a bunch of alignment assertions verifying the delicate memory layout of NativeIterator followed by the (only dynamically known number of) properties it iterates followed by the (only dynamically known number of) ReceiverGuards it uses. r=jandem
7c45180cea08bafea969777bbfe28ff2c0634fb8Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Add a JSScript constructor to initialize JSScript inside JSScript::Create without using PodZero. r=jandem
1df7d4219611559f5289e869e51c28c0b42a2853Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Replace a PodZero of js::gcstats::Statistics::phaseTimes with a loop overwriting every element value with a default-initialized (i.e. zeroed) value. r=jandem
6ceb0b9f6c804911e1d769307b429fc72d1beef0Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Replace a PodZero of js::gcstats::Statistics::totalTimes_ with a loop asserting every element was default-initialized to zero. r=jandem
5c09010d054eeb3e44a1401cc917677db9579cfcJeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Add member initializers to the function pointers in JS::AsmJSCacheOps so that JSRuntime::asmJSCacheOps, a js::UnprotectedData<JS::AsmJSCacheOps>, will have its members nulled out automatically when the JSRuntime field is initialized. r=jandem
d642657c6d7ae426a192e60341bafa8abbf70185Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Rename TypeSet::clone to TypeSet::cloneIntoUninitialized to indicate that it freshly initializes the TemporaryTypeSet* provided to it. Also removes existing code that, quite unnecessarily, partly initialized that argument. r=jandem
8d85342160ac1a0cddff928c39cc25629bb4a338Jeff Walden — |this|-qualify a member-function call inside a MOZ_ASSERT that gcc will ICE on, depending on what code is #include'd, without the qualification. No bug, r=me as does-the-job-and-it's-not-fugly
04a9320069d7e233b88586151bdceb9c353064b4Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Don't use PodCopy/PodMove to implement typed-array element-to-element copying: bog-standard std::copy and std::copy_n are readily optimized to the same thing, and they don't have a non-obvious requirement that the type being copied be trivial. r=jandem
7a053ded7f8039fa6274dbb7b41db2b6b5d751daJeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Give uint8_clamped a defaulted (and also trivial) default constructor, copy constructor, and copy-assignment operator. (This also allows uint8_clamped to be permissibly memmove'd and memcpy'd.) r=jandem
353d2ee295913b9d6660f0b8da2102a54c8133bfJeff Walden — Bug 1462261 - Abandon the idea of HashTableEntry being "POD", make its constructor explicitly initialize HashTableEntry::keyHash, give it a destructor that destroys the stored T if the entry is live, and call both constructor and destructor in the necessary places. r=jandem
233871244d8029b262685a7e35a5bb330b34ac9dJeff Walden — Bug 1462261 - Don't use AlignedStorage2 to implement HashTableEntry. r=jandem