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Wed Apr 22 16:12:42 2015 +0000
d49f149a7c76b3664fe76eac6f90143a8c75a6c5Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1155089 - Part 3: Test replacing with WebAudio track in track_peerConnection_replaceTrack.html. r=jib
6cd7a42a18db756939c4103372d957b04a8a2f16Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1155089 - Part 2: Break out WebAudio input/output checker to PeerConnectionTest. r=mt
43ceb677a8de5a0b1ce6407e2396e1dec06c8be6Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1155089 - Part 1: Reset |TrackID| for MediaPipelineTransmit::PipelineListener on replaceTrack(). r=bwc
f86abf1685905048d0b1d492430c86aa24123637Brian O'Keefe — Bug 1154687 - Restore EXTERNALLY_MANAGED_MAKE_FILE handling to the blacklist check. r=gps
2f1129bf94a28b97d74db27f54b923def45c1d23Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1153922 - Add a SandboxOptions option for creating the sandbox in a fresh JS::Zone. r=mrbkap
11df38318e9c069e8f68c997790bbf2c0f13e4fbMats Palmgren Bug 1153586 - Prevent the same BUTTON_DOWN event from opening the dropdown menu again on platforms that don't consume the event. r=enndeakin