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Mon Sep 21 21:43:18 2015 +0000
6c90d3eab1f7f9cbc195a6c0dad7f4cf39368237Jeff Walden — Bug 1187234 - Throw a TypeError when Array.isArray is passed a revoked proxy. r=efaust
5e0c5de50004021b23aaf5a498fff6e30e205200Jeff Walden — Bug 1206300 - Allow immutable prototypes to be disabled at compile time with a single-line change, but don't actually disable them. r=jorendorff
4f755f85be41724747223793814f570ec54fd4f4Jeff Walden — Bug 1205586 - new Date().toLocale{,Date,Time}String() should return appropriately differing strings as the local time zone/default locale change. r=till