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Sat Mar 17 22:28:18 2018 +0000
efce78e62b6dac195e7cb4898684da54155d1661Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset 12a46d4d860a (bug 1444327) for frequently failing devtools/client/inspector/fonts/test/browser_fontinspector_copy-URL.js (bug 1446595) a=backout
3cec10b16594fb2206fe90337077103906720506Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
ce59e347583b6726b8aaecbcacc97141c98945ffMargareta Eliza Balazs — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
c77e768cbdfd94afb57df511ee00f60b90fb921fNoemi Erli — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1373708) for frequent xpcshell failures in xpcshell.ini:toolkit/components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_startup_perf.js a=backout
eea3a7737f153ef473eca21e2da819e8d8efbfccffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=hpkp-update
5d035e99ca38146fbb65e1da2f858e19bd7efbcaffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=hsts-update
4f85552387568a41e2a5f85338c9b1fff0f9510bJan Odvarko — Bug 1383655 - Copy as HAR only displayed requests; r=jryans
219284d1520f662f5a60604f1b59c3f8ac57a39dBogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
b36868e9d272ad4ed7c17201ebca364c53563214Andreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1425613) backed out for browser chrome failures at on a CLOSED TREE
6d4b4514388db355da61b35d371b095dc0dd4c78Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1446515 - Remove nsIDOMFileList. r=bz
20b2d3c8f26c466319b51028fc285aade33d5a72Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1442063 - Don't call FlushRendering() after we reached the state of STATE_WAITING_TO_FINISH. r=dbaron
6d066cd7740457f4654ec9f0822a1b3ecf5c3ff0Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #20321 - Remove update-manifest argument that is no longer valid (from servo:jdm-patch-6); r=emilio
7fb1a832336d1d78b4f92bdf5505e9f382861565Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1369711 - [mozlint] Make sure KeyboardInterrupts are handled well wherever they happen r=gps
9712703bd2428c0127e0425c60da22f0b22fe60fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1369711 - [mozlint] Refactor concurrent.futures ProcessPoolExecutor code for readability r=gps
6426e089e5c548dc1c75bc055792d85fe89573eaJohann Hofmann — Bug 1425613 - Part 2 - Add a test for repeatedly called pref getters. r=florian
4939d44bcd0a4aafde8c480e1ba8a66a1f936c7eJohann Hofmann — Bug 1425613 - Part 1 - Record and expose pref access statistics in nsIPrefService in debug mode. r=njn
6d67283033868a54d89a936ba5e336d9bad5c79cOriol Brufau — Bug 1418009 - Avoid speculative connections on prematurely inserted lazy tabs r=dao
5e2d471594610c72379d42d1cce2ff4c6484c5e3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1445990 - fix initialization of blocklist service in non-browser apps, r=florian
9c83861ca1a12f86b4de7d149c2a3968fc76db97Johann Hofmann — Bug 1297630 - Make certificate error pages work properly in iframes. r=Gijs
36bfb71a88eaf31a1e89f69920287e3fb74d4065Johann Hofmann — Bug 1297630 - Test certificate errors in iframes. r=Gijs
6c397982f283e459e1623b2b0c7b0c5546981f5cPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #20071 - Use typed coordinates more (from paulrouget:typedsize); r=glennw