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Tue Oct 06 02:15:35 2015 +0000
af55d7cf20939aef04e73c56be4330dd601c2b99Mike Hommey — Bug 1210642 - Use install manifests for preprocessed files in the FasterMake build backend. r=gps
42199c7b225a8c5318faf169a8e6e1d24f82cf32Mike Hommey — Bug 1210642 - Add support for --silence-missing-directive-warnings for preprocessing within install manifests. r=gps
f2fdb9d0bc086f1ecb5986805254ef988e8520beMike Hommey — Bug 1210642 - Allow to pass defines overrides when processing install manifests. r=gps
1f0ba759efbc710e2db64b215127b7b0f2bf8910Mike Hommey — Bug 1210642 - s/APP_BUILDID/MOZ_APP_BUILDID/ to use the same variable name across products. r=gps
6b5dc81ee5789a0e4b7775c07c0941cb3a387df2Mike Hommey — Bug 1210329 - Remove support for line endings munging in the preprocessor. r=gps
37bc093b6a78226e5790fa8aff8f72764a2ac58aMike Hommey — Bug 1210359 - Small clarification in the CHECK_SYMBOLS error message. r=mshal