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Wed Dec 06 01:45:29 2017 +0000
7750a46652fa83acc6b8cd3e3bee8f428d24bfd5Ben Kelly — Bug 1423412 P5 Fix race in about-blank-replacement.https.html popup test case. r=baku
bd99f4732647f01441e5ca93d11b27e98592838bBen Kelly — Bug 1423412 P4 Add a ClientManager::GetInfoAndState() that retrieves the ClientInfo and ClientState for a given ID. r=baku
9a5aac891c5f144811b17168353e55641a31e10cBen Kelly — Bug 1423412 P3 Handle the case where an iframe starts with an inherited controller and then ends up uncontrolled. r=baku
09942818c67041082051e9bd25aee3f7899546baBen Kelly — Bug 1423412 P2 Copy the service worker controller across redirects by default and clear it explicitly for non-subresource redirects. r=baku
699fd0f2b04666c7b043f0350cf56f0bc07189acBen Kelly — Bug 1423412 P1 Actually mark window/worker ClientSource objects controlled when loaded with a controlling service worker. r=baku r=jld