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Fri Feb 01 23:21:33 2013 +0000
b10397812c05d8e428908f3db59fdb2eb376dfd1Daniel Holbert — Bug 836348: Mark toolkit/components/autocomplete as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=mak
4e1d18b129798f1f7f877b4cc1f79c0c582c6388Daniel Holbert — Bug 837253: When declaring JSObject as a friend, use 'class' instead of 'struct' to fix MSVC warning-spam. r=dvander
65ed5b0f10203a4f0287ac61205d7296b6d4f9cdDaniel Holbert — Bug 835867: Use 'nsRefPtr' and 'forget()' in nsNavHistory.cpp instead of manual NS_ADDREF calls. r=mak