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Fri Jul 26 00:52:55 2013 +0000
631b3d5d54f46823f660ff5ad5ae298356309b10Jeff Walden — Bug 896124 - Implement a JS_Init() JSAPI function, to be called before any other JSAPI operations are performed, to centralize whole-engine initialization tasks. r=bsmedberg for the XPCOM bits, r=luke for the JS bits
5e1dd28ede5d12a37dee6a9d0ac75f66c015d32aJeff Walden — Bug 894026 - Implement ES6 binary and octal literals. r=till
c10c0a6270ecbf817fe472b8dc04d195b6900d28Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 784739 - Switch from NULL to nullptr in mfbt/. r=jwalden