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Fri Nov 30 23:27:10 2012 +0000
ceddb3b529deb83302e9c10e427ad75ee9c56e48Daniel Holbert — Bug 813358 part 5: Add a post-condition to SortFrameList() to assert that it's actually sorted. r=dbaron
58cb9bf14a4c8d3fe4a1789fd1a61941fb2c0d02Daniel Holbert — Bug 813358 part 4: Move frame-sorting logic from nsBoxFrame to nsLayoutUtils. r=dbaron
5e89b39fd7d00fba4c1ba68b06e0e784b0253488Daniel Holbert — Bug 813358 part 3: Templatize nsBoxFrame's frame-sorting methods, to make the comparison function customizable. r=dbaron
c01b1fbdacdf8d2fd6f9c1adb9450406e075738cDaniel Holbert — Bug 813358 part 2: To determine if a frame list is already sorted, just directly compare adjacent frames' GetOrdinal() values. r=dbaron
af6a637e9a959afec9a55681f434973008504a4aDaniel Holbert — Bug 813358 part 1: Remove unnecessary nsBoxLayoutState argument from various XUL frame-sorting-related methods. r=dbaron