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Sat Feb 22 00:03:42 2014 +0000
84904662e2d567085b5c63f57aa2db45580940dbBobby Holley — Bug 975277 - Introduce a mechanism to identify instances of standard classes. r=luke
02dffb9d2748f78b2e171a94834f130d36879852Bobby Holley — Bug 975277 - Move the wrappedJSObject getter out of getPropertyDescriptor. r=gabor
fd04a8b8ccc489af9a2a9ad10f639f35dd0857baBobby Holley — Bug 975277 - Clean up the XPCWN XrayHolder a bit. r=gabor
5db44a9eece27d6aa7345fcd97a3e2b33fa77629Bobby Holley — Bug 975277 - Rewrite Proxy::set logic. r=efaust
65192746bdee99ded19f577058d4b66d00545d3cPeter Van der Beken — Bug 975277 - Pass the real receiver when using HasPrototype. r=bholley
89a7246d2bdd243926c1ddfa99a232dda8feef5fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 975277 - Add some machinery to allow Traits to specify whether they want to use hasPrototype or not. r=bholley,efaust