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Tue Aug 02 11:11:09 2016 +0000
8248ff77be0fa18183018e081ad62c9fb050b6d6Seth Fowler — Bug 1291059 - Yield in the GIF decoder at the beginning of a new frame, not at the end of the previous frame. r=edwin
b617b61db290b61a34ad0471460989b816e8142bSeth Fowler — Bug 1291054 (Part 5) - Remove Decoder::AllocateBasicFrame(), which is dead code. r=edwin
21260281d5013a679b80f1fe7103c1337347a736Seth Fowler — Bug 1291054 (Part 4) - Add Decoder convenience methods for the common case of frame rects that cover the whole image. r=edwin
a2f8694f12c890db95ccfecd929a201d03ddb99dSeth Fowler — Bug 1291054 (Part 3) - Rename Decoder::GetSize() to Decoder::Size() to be consistent with the style guide. r=edwin
5c5ceb44358d1839180ad7220d3c233c0bd25c09Seth Fowler — Bug 1291054 (Part 2) - Add a Decoder::OutputSize() getter and use it in the decoders. r=edwin
5e94e5cf47ef7c29697619ae4e22b6162be23d18Seth Fowler — Bug 1291054 (Part 1) - Clean up Decoder's size getters a little bit. r=edwin