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Fri Jun 13 08:00:30 2014 +0000
b35e88d9381e51e119dbf45242081dae67473fb5Jonathan Kew — bug 985220 pt 3 - when zeroing the width of mark glyphs, also update their offset to overstrike preceding glyph. r=behdad
0d90825e1b5182885a52ccde2cf04d85ef21a8a9Jonathan Kew — bug 985220 pt 2 - replace the use of GetGlyphIndicesW with ScriptGetCMap in gfxGDIFont::GetGlyph. r=jdaggett
5bced0023b3a3d5610385b5748ad539798752e31Jonathan Kew — bug 985220 - remove the old GDI, Uniscribe and DWrite text-shaping code paths, as we now use HarfBuzz or Graphite for all shaping on Windows. r=jdaggett