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Tue May 24 23:56:15 2016 +0000
986a22158836bddedd8ea6dda4134ce20984ab2cL. David Baron — Bug 955857 - Adjust test to expect that there are now 17 CSS properties beginning with 'o' rather than 16. No review.
47a2042ad9cef82c21ff09cbe52ec764185574ddThomas Wisniewski — Bug 955857 - Add tests for overflow-wrap. r=dbaron
ecd39abf2cdb7f988fe7cc1af2f670bd086f309dThomas Wisniewski — Bug 955857 - Replace CSS word-wrap with overflow-wrap, and add it back as a CSS_PROP_ALIAS. r=dbaron
5a4acb31f6c0659edd048cdc201a7b419d869050L. David Baron — Back out temporary debugging patch for bug 1265280 (changeset ff82389380c1).