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Fri Oct 12 15:25:33 2018 +0000
78a9a2adf32a8798aea8c6c5347d2d4957fc939eimjching — Bug 1472212 - Set browser.tabs.remote.separatePrivilegedContentProcess to true by default for Firefox Nightly builds. r=mconley
9ff5280fc25a119d1aa80329b79c07b9910b5768Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Add e10s tests to ensure that URIs with the URI_CAN_LOAD_IN_PRIVILEGED_CHILD flag load in the privileged content process when the pref is turned on. r=Gijs
c3c22abaf108a020590266c1a707a2c37de512d8Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Prevent focusing on the tab's content area during session restoration for special URLs for new tabs. r=dao
a28443371b944ee00b1267dd5b9a22da6d28353bJay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Load `` instead of `about:home` for some tests. r=Gijs
55c2a8d227dc91f965718aa09da9811cff0969a7Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Handle navigation away from privileged content process in RDM. r=jryans
a8bba29ad2cb20239b87081f77cdf34249d3337bJay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Rename E10SUtils.canLoadURIInProcess to E10SUtils.canLoadURIInRemoteType and modify it to accept an E10SUtils process type instead of a nsIXULRuntime process type. r=Gijs
e1cafd30a69afeef3e2ecbb557cd87c77e52b3f6Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Remove unnecessary async/await keywords for browser_new_tab_in_privileged_process_pref.js. r=Gijs
cecc2d52e72e7c6e61137a9147735cb07a079d51Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Ensure that tab does not show busy or burst status whenever we navigate to about:home, about:newtab, or about:welcome in a new window. r=Gijs
101903689bc0ee0bc178fc5c333e198b16166fe2imjching — Bug 1472212 - Update URLs to include the noscripts version in xpcshell and browser tests for newtab. r=Mardak