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Tue Nov 04 07:38:25 2014 +0000
53d51e7fbb9e234e7931875afb3ec7612ca7198fXidorn Quan — Bug 1063857 - Implement new justification algorithm. r=roc,masayuki
83312696fd68280d139ef2fb362c45c46bfb95daZac Campbell — Bug 1090962 - Skip steps of gather_debug when marionette session does not exist. r=davehunt
fd0146aeb963cad2f3229f3afabdfea4c0e83eb0Tim Chien — Bug 1092549 - Only allow FocusChange message to change formMM. r=yxl
0ca912d0526c6f44a04db5fff4de718efbb56042Sean Lin — Bug 1090896 - Fix mozAlarms.add() method to allow omitting data parameter. r=bz
d83bcbd7e83c231e12a1d180a5163a7c5658b05fTerrence Cole — Bug 1083464 - Use a more standard mechanism to export GC symbols to embedders. r=ted,r=jorendorff
23c0b0d9d09a83e0ecea7622daf52fb7386a0a59Arnaud Bienner — Bug 826185 - Make filter constructed from accept attribute the default one unless unknown mime types are found. r=smaug