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Tue Feb 04 20:03:27 2014 +0000
5c04b296c127b188fe3a983322a6e54a1a1bc0bfMarkus Stange — Bug 950511 - Back out part 1 from bug 941095 (DrawTargetCG::SetPermitSubpixelAA) because it's unnecessary and causes bad text rendering in context menus.
51e86840de9bc91109d50c4d05c4533d8c1410b4Markus Stange — Bug 965914 - Don't crash when we can't allocate a new surface in CloneAligned. r=Bas
3bbf61b9d523a64725c4fbab85922c71bd0452f3Markus Stange — Bug 878023 - [Australis] Use repeating instead of stretching for the middle background of hovered tabs in order to avoid seams on OS X due to CoreGraphics not supporting ExtendMode::CLAMP. r=MattN