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Thu Jan 30 01:03:52 2014 +0000
f4be2e32a9be29c1a807adb2f0f4b341dfaf8e22Jeff Walden — Set TZ=UTC in so that $Date$ expansions in ICU source expand identically no matter where is run. Useful but not necessary preliminary to bug 924839, rs=jimb over IRC
3b0697637ef5c0e618615dcfe4653c72e0a3b6cbJeff Walden — Don't write out the repository revision to intl/icu/SVN-INFO, so that the results of running this script remain constant over time when the same ICU repository path is specified. Useful but not necessary preliminary to bug 924839, r=jimb over IRC
a7566746035f19fee07ef9959eafca550f1c42a0Jeff Walden — Bug 963641 - Make TI work correctly with respect to JSOP_MUTATEPROTO. r=jandem
78d5cf8a1ac62b46c48e763baad3414eabaed5ebJeff Walden — Bug 963641 - Add a test for __proto__ in destructuring patterns as a shorthand. r=jorendorff
1e170276a033e726e0f7e43e1967832c67d79133Jeff Walden — Bug 963641 - Remove PNK_MUTATEPROTO, and just make JSOP_MUTATEPROTO be generated for the PNK_INITPROP+__proto__ combination. r=jorendorff
513791fc2754aa6d30a220986acaa4c93d592ad1Jeff Walden — Bug 963641 - Tests for __proto__ in object literals with jsreflect and asm.js module export objects. r=jorendorff
f53d87699bc2f4e319c533b94f767c2150e17650Jeff Walden — Bug 963641 - Miscellaneous cleanups not implicated in actual bugs. r=jorendorff