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Fri Apr 20 20:03:41 2018 +0000
4f8ee709a28bf3eeae0d62e822d23af13f259ccbTom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Remove support for installing from inscure python sources; r=bhearsum
4e9424aae45ff2bade8c4527694eb85bb8c2daf9Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Use https for internal pypi mirror; r=bhearsum
48284706be226e959ad20c4f293d3b970cd24a90Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Get rid of references to private pypi server; r=bhearsum
8758f6f2e9fb73c70ed940364d5a8ecbf0dbc17fTom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Get rid of pip configs when they match the default; r=bhearsum