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Wed May 04 14:10:05 2016 +0000
594736cae3ad287d2c145a1a5463f55a868246daNeil Deakin — Bug 1251634, release mouse capture when a context menu is opened, r=tn
fa8d527717fa2f01edaf958789a4d683b976dd90Neil Deakin — Bug 911546, use a runnable so that popups don't rollup during a grab, r=karlt
1d23af51e88680888da7ba6709c04130a977718fNeil Deakin — Bug 1266963, stop propagation before other steps, r=masayuki
4def9166eb5b7f17d382a1e9a3cd5f34c8074aa1Neil Deakin — Bug 1263330, only initialize focus ring state for non-top-level windows, r=smaug
751ca24ae2c210a4491c56c2c8e6d71a7112a62eNeil Deakin — Bug 1249522, when a file is present, only specify file type, r=smaug