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Tue Oct 08 11:00:56 2019 +0000
035f52aed4427b22facfa883067e298f10ef9e97Tom Prince — Bug 1580622: Disable python bytecode generation in the decision task; r=nalexander on a CLOSED TREE
7a8b337580fb7c519eef65149fbfc94903e8f854Daniel Varga — Backed out changeset 1e29bf90b3ea (bug 1580622) for breaking retriggers, backfill and reruns on autoland
679ba7a64a774209a7cc8444ef6d548ac5add9f1Kai Engert — Bug 1586867 - Upgrade Firefox 71 to use NSPR 4.23. r=jcj NSPR_4_23_BETA1 UPGRADE_NSPR_RELEASE
1194b12661808eda93082bb8c4545390184c81efMike Conley — Bug 1586817 - Skip some browser/base/content NPAPI tests when Fission is enabled. r=kmag
0a7ca42f7bdce082d55aa96d4e7cc5b84a2cdd10James Teh — Bug 1576509: When a CFR doorhanger is activated via the keyboard, focus its first element. r=andreio
58e59d29e72aa7bc864d279e199d5a31e59164ebBogdan Tara — Bug 1565339 - disable browser_bug703210.js on windows r=ahal
7cff74234ad4850e01a18431d9c40ea47469f676Brian Birtles — Bug 1586643 - Don't make visibility additive; r=boris
bb30c0d750556c4db5163efe7f00c3067b1d955cBoris Chiou — Bug 1506939 - Enable individual transform on nightly. r=hiro
6506806b3bf81cf5093c9ce63aec76075bebf58eBotond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Handle fixed layer margins in ReceiveInputEvent. r=tnikkel
3c3c35952f7bab3c1ba896fe48636ba90c3ac0aeBotond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Include the fixed-position sides in HitTestResult. r=tnikkel
824e732b442a3aafe01f99972bb9f1eaff40de26Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Introduce a HitTestResult structure for grouping the results of APZ hit testing. r=tnikkel
5b65905fba5c3b3200ce8802682b010f930a046cBotond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Allow HitTestingTreeNodeAutoLock to be moved. r=tnikkel
5482a581ab190f9b18c06d517cce575892ba0df7Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Remove the unused function APZCTreeManager::HitTestAPZC(). r=tnikkel
50fb72cc4a73351db1d17bb4970f007f55348962Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Remove the 'aNode' parameter of GetAPZCAtPoint(). r=tnikkel
ff8e1fa23dea4b16e6b6b6925a723211d5488068Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Handle fixed layer margins in ComputeTransformForNode(). r=tnikkel
7c1b57fdf9e2c50382494fd990d22bdb97dfd7eeBotond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Add a helper APZCTreeManager::IsFixedToRootContent(node). r=tnikkel
597c42949166fca5e3c0fb1feb5134bd3df113c3Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Make APZCTreeManager::GetTargetAPZC(layersId, scrollId) const. r=tnikkel
00824be6572bcedeb50559501811e170fb488595Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Factor out a helper AsyncCompositionManager::ComputeFixedMarginsOffset(). r=tnikkel
67c4bc35fc743489058d128eb4ee4df0d2a03312Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Propagate the fixed-position sides to the hit testing tree. r=tnikkel
a8a4f618d3d3efa4225554cd14bbe7ad62399e3bBotond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Use SideBits rather than int32_t to represent fixed-position sides in the Layers API. r=tnikkel
0674fa5af30f334bdd09608f2af83f897ab53d43Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Define bitwise operators for SideBits. r=tnikkel
6310462ffafb3bce9278e21e91cb903c89bc9b2eBotond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Fix include-what-you-use violations in LayerAttributes.h. r=tnikkel
daefc4088b5bb8121e2f6ff3f7ca046eb3f1feb8Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Store fixed layer margins in APZCTreeManager. r=tnikkel
f8a125f2969e4fad5b3aecb5fdecaa990bed84a5Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Factor out a helper CompositorBridgeParent::SetFixedLayerMargins(). r=tnikkel
7bbff3ca9c531179101f3076a2d973d893dd5a93Botond Ballo — Bug 1552608 - Define AsyncCompositionManager::mFixedLayerMargins and its getter/setter on all platforms. r=tnikkel
246acf3911021b31132ff1c158bc87d5976e32e9Makoto Kato — Bug 1568996 - Flush layout before calling nsFrameSelection::MoveCaret. r=masayuki
606f2e3c48500c10a798a86f7aefb137a72469fbDavid Walsh — Bug 1572802 - Prevent unwanted breakpoint scrolling r=jlast
1e29bf90b3ea69e9e7c026f4626ac11bba762689Tom Prince — Bug 1580622: Disable python bytecode generation in the decision task; r=nalexander
4e92d0cd2aaf76177a5900c8c5ba5d44b0a73ff5wartmanm — Bug 1433373 - Use source mapping for console jump to definition button r=nchevobbe
da50dff5f11f88f466079cc9174e80f973093153Andrew Swan — Bug 1579709 Fix ctrl-tab with only one tab r=bgrins
7c80af009dee30518cc6eb0cfce311f2639400d1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1585858 - Remove nsChangeHint_SyncFrameView. r=tnikkel
7c3489dfee6082bec00f05d0f02f502ec4686743Alexander Surkov — Bug 1397876 - Replace panel and arrowpanel bindings with a custom element r=bgrins
613e9a1a99f34df0fde97c5ed6c6b5ed268915d8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1586909 - followup: Appease wptlint.
18f7137336ca25c96f8aba421c7d7c69b0ca7072Ian Moody — Bug 1584092 - Don't add listeners to non-existent buttons in preferences. r=Gijs
befaa1098701a56142b4534c9cfae10a377cfce9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1586909 - Process anchor suppressions even when ignoring adjustments. r=dholbert
4837c8bbf06ab6bfe124fca60a2c07d0123c6a6dCoroiu Cristina — Merge mozilla-central to autoland a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
480000073f4668def97fda2a50fef3e29225308eChris AtLee — Bug 1542819: Use worker aliases for signing to unbreak TB. r=tomprince a=Aryx
4651f71eeb5476a6dc9002a47a45c3a5b17aba6cCoroiu Cristina — Merge inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
2b4c8b7a255c3ffd1ead1e555aa061f3c3f88330Coroiu Cristina — Merge autoland to mozilla-central a=merge
8208dff5da97fbd111c7497ea15ed9c5553d0b39Gurzau Raul — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
4bf83a09c9f6fabb1117ca4bd8bc89203133b1b4Chris Manchester — Bug 1586919 - Bump in-tree sccache to 0.2.12. r=dmajor
4c696f6996de4681b114a6cf17f4b750d5363f68Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1582210. Support splitting blob images into different sizes. r=nical
8eda685183b140821a29269542d4617c455bad18Miriam — Bug 1582303 - Fix formatting in Scopes panel for array items with watchpoints. r=jlast
402db246b36ea3db0b784e7db75e68d63bddfb07Olli Pettay — Bug 1552814, make it possible to start dnd from dragable element even if DataTransfer is empty, r=NeilDeakin
8de293399b5af8933eefeb4deea308c9f4707622Barret Rennie — Bug 1586871 - Ensure we have optional data before derefing in BrowserParent r=Ehsan
fb7912816d3e5a8f8f5ec90d6e0f79565b669924Ricky Stewart — Bug 1586358 - Replace existing instances of GENERATED_FILES with references to the GeneratedFile template r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal
9d58b1cdf387d46dc8b1aa9697719f949746209eJared Wein — Bug 1586200 - Use target instead of originalTarget since originalTarget is restricted if native anonymous content was clicked. r=MattN
00c7348fd026c68123985b69c0e8aa458e97d118Morgan Reschenberg — Bug 1586577: change variable EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER to match declared beta detector variable. r=dholbert
b5b2673976295ef3933f66d0d49cee617cbbcd06Dorel Luca — Bug 1583151 - Follow up to jlaster's push. r=jlast. CLOSED TREE
7e80d0687f2760c79b3e7a3fad0c48848b29543bTim Nguyen — Bug 1586884 - Fix overflow menu arrow appearance in customize mode. r=Gijs
d45644f68888e5dfabb9c84af508bcb5df3c4cadJason Laster — Bug 1583151 - Log important errors to stdout (follow up). r=jdescottes
5c73d359e53ddd380da36cfbcd598913517d9b59Luke Crouch — Bug 1586342 update proxy card to new FPN domain r=baku
47bed09fb47a83c8bab4464b461bd13918e023edAaron Klotz — Bug 1586886: Exclude processing thread from third-party-modules ping; r=mhowell
1cde82cfbd82cec8d7c6f38ed0912f0d5f46403eDaniel Varga — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1581902) for xpcshell failure at xpcshell/rs-blocklist/test_gfxBlacklist_Equal_DriverNew.js. On a CLOSED TREE
9ddd33182005138b2345a3fed4e0aa5ab4c6b088zhaogang — Bug 1543785 - Store target traits in the reducer for convenience.
bff9cf5d7a6d31669ce9a15fd30676598a6deb1aKris Maglione — Bug 1583886: Fix yet more untested content windows which open chrome windows. r=nika
75a88a4b022ba4afbe64b0ecacd9ee213180ba04André Bargull — Bug 1429776: Use recommended ICU build options flags. r=jwalden
976a5aa452f9dbf252135ad1617c01d2fd1fd253Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 8e400446aedc (bug 1296898) at dev's request
fbf1a77926c2d27e71b69ec7d3509953c1627545Marco Bonardo — Bug 1580834 - Add a Search in private window entry in the address bar results when only search suggestions are present r=Standard8
6eec85211514c69e54c7b8dd715998d0414950ceDan Minor — Bug 1586271 - Make WEBRTC_CALL_DURATION telemetry opt-out on release channel; r=chutten
2c0229c483d89a8073d426f13cc03ab9e59e23a7Barret Rennie — Bug 1578304 - Correctly set content title from onLocationChange event r=Ehsan
bcd20202a38f646ad065ec4b849d8146b66bf888Brian Grinstead — Bug 1586859 - Replace xul:textbox with html:input in doc_html_tooltip-03.xul r=jdescottes,gl
61f8731a42cb05138726666fee9eafb65d455e14Chris AtLee — Bug 1542819: Use worker aliases for signing to unbreak TB. r=tomprince
d3660d7482bfc6f808141a9dc80caea82f5099b2Punam Dahiya — Bug 1586769 - Hide dismiss button on add topsite and search engine modal r=Mardak
38b1b272884d7e019763a171390635185e1bf20fharry — Bug 1521893 - Part 2 - Support loading SVG icons on the Touch Bar through a new nsTouchBarInputIcon service class. r=spohl
0e9ba024c42ec7bb9f577bf41e3f1a5742a643bbJunior Hsu — Bug 1584005 - P2 fix tests with wrong parameter to ZipWriter r=michal
1d393c37e2e19344e7fc63cdbf8a76e3f51c5fc0Junior Hsu — Bug 1584005 - P1 explicit failure for zip older than 1980 r=michal
5e011c4b01f931ff639f2ec103faa545912e18c5Brian Grinstead — Bug 1586831 - Switch xul:textbox to html:input in browser_clipboard_pastefile.js r=mossop
9b444f7b10ef71f9e6c862a446b6c00311cb34e7Gabriel Luong — Bug 1568860 - Part 1: Use PageStyle from the currently selected element in the fonts view. r=ochameau
c900fdf28f827067ec44e527af1d1a417d53cce4John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p6: introduce a pref to enable/disable H.264 for WebRTC. r=pehrsons
92c9ea70040dd22fbf57e48cf903b23546c68cd5John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p5: check H.264 hardware availability. r=pehrsons
1f588b5bf0194e650ab33ece4218ab879b1f60b4John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p4: add HW H.264 feature to GfxInfo. r=esawin
f837f2c5224f9a6963d0d1e87f671ab688485856John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p3: expose H.264 HW availability to AndroidBridge. r=esawin
44e248976099d23270e890558999c0375dadc77aJohn Lin — Bug 1581902 - p2: add HW H.264 check and rename methods. r=esawin
c7dfff053f71e47cc59f0715965a6f00c22752bbJohn Lin — Bug 1581902 - p1: use MediaDataEncoder on Android. r=jya
8b6f7d7158287a1175178e33deffdb18f0c5d2dbIain Ireland — Bug 1584820: Revert atom deduplication patches r=tcampbell
0fc012d870ea47c1880eb96635f5124c537872f7André Bargull — Bug 1552766: Handle optimised out `this` when reporting missing bindings. r=jimb
b7b6632113c06b38e44cbbfc977c6ca728fcb8b3Daniel Varga — Backed out changeset 10417c711dbf (bug 1543785) for source-test-node-debugger-tests fail. On a CLOSED TREE
b121d61e533a61c777fe7d6ca80f4858d9d148eeDaniel Varga — Backed out changeset 8d95f2c8867b (bug 1586358) for build bustage with FATAL ERROR PROCESSING MOZBUILD FILE. On a CLOSED TREE
9b081f194477e3a41f09019279f6ff85e0448a03zhaogang — Bug 1578755 - Fix a guarding condition for jumping to prettified tab correctly.r=davidwalsh
10417c711dbfdc19642431b148f12d1ec57c15cczhaogang — Bug 1543785 - Store target traits in the reducer for convenience. r=jlast
8e2bb0fd403b50ac6da8ceb04e794e547403f3f0chujun — Bug 1585390 Clicking a function in the outline view should focus it r=jlast
9d47448ebe436746617268d7ede9d16acda5512aMark Banner — Bug 1578381 - When resetting the homepage preference due to an ignore list update, ensure WebExtension settings are reset correctly. r=mixedpuppy
07ddd292e0da0cb8988fc04f03d55a7a1cb0e304Mark Banner — Bug 1578381 - Rename HomePage.init to delayedStartup to better describe when it gets called normally. r=mixedpuppy
309bd81a151af47d1af92a8ed4fa27725a113971Nan Jiang — Bug 1578579 - Add telemetry for privacy info in discovery stream r=gvn
91bec74c770a54e68352173c42ee78dfc2427f2bHarry Twyford — Bug 1583708 - Disable failing part of browser_urlbar_collapseOnChromeMousedown.js. r=dao
144ebbca6844259fe509194059447dc6fcbdff28André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 14: Don't allocate Spectre bounds check scratch register when it's unused. r=jandem
3dc778bc0ce0ccb1abc83d46f55f202b95a7e771André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 13: Move emitStoreTypedObjectScalarProperty into CacheIRCompiler. r=jandem
218a81625331fa748ee2723114ed836a09e93694André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 12: Remove StoreToTypedObject and instead use new guard ops for StoreTypedObjectScalarProperty. r=jandem
1bd9ae4caa0ba3aa9b08743cbd899c0ce052567dAndré Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 11: Add regression test for StoreTypedObjectScalarProperty clobbered register bug. r=jandem
42469f1d04913311bd96876eb106a8fba39d2223André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 10: Remove no longer used MacroAssembler methods. r=jandem
3601bf7917332395df032c833f9903e826ead8e9André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 9: Move emitStoreTypedElement into CacheIRCompiler. r=jandem
6eead2ab3379aa4818ca3e6d4fc228ade46d4296André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 8: Remove no longer used MacroAssembler methods. r=jandem
c24cec7a2424857b38d5b3e1024c0526fdb03d65André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 7: Add helper function when guarding int32-or-double to avoid code duplication. r=jandem
1cc3c2eee37ec2c9cd23d6327b8d8f6ca51dccf3André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 6: Use ScratchTagScope for CacheIRCompiler::emitGuardToInt32Index. r=jandem
f3b48a00be455786162394ad78a8d044349af958André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 5: Avoid unnecessary move when source and temporary registers are equal. r=jandem
ef1f7213e654816da44e0963a27adf1510e1ea03André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 4: Move emitGuardToInt32ModUint32 and emitGuardToUint8Clamped into CacheIRCompiler. r=jandem
3f73e398ca61d24ddb9f8de379e1c077452ff9b1André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 3: Add AutoScratchFloatRegister. r=jandem
6067d1828df8f7ca054c4a57430e466e1987aa75André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 2: Remove no longer used template argument and rename 'StoreToTypedArray'. r=jandem
d2008fdba4af17f45aad4d2ed3f99b21296fb248André Bargull — Bug 1574415 - Part 1: Move argument conversion for StoreTypedElement to happen before range checks. r=jandem
a0d28ade0bb377f5e99b1ac4b3b87edb535c96c2Carolina — Bug 1584548 - Fixes "modulus" item collapse and adds a test to check it.r=johannh
54fa3474aca1c0674eba17bfeaa4f14536b9b20eChristian Holler — Bug 1562283 - FTP fuzzing target for the Necko fuzzing layer. r=michal
8d95f2c8867b13432cf2e0c51c7765e6592441eaRicky Stewart — Bug 1586358 - Replace existing instances of GENERATED_FILES with references to the GeneratedFile template r=nalexander
b739370f346d53aafce4709bb5ce8dc040edca2fBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset c9b71d1747ea (bug 1552814) for assertion failures on nsBaseDragService.cpp CLOSED TREE
b904c4625a368833405d576154ad60d0fd76ebc2Luca Greco — Bug 1580554 - AbuseReporter.openDialog should close and resolve as user cancelled a previous report dialog. r=mstriemer
31e7850298c50fe028d814df0e647bf2bb7823acLuca Greco — Bug 1580554 - Move common report test cases into head_abuse_report.js and run them on sub-frame and dialog mode. r=mstriemer
f155ba067300c8f553246750188e169457fcbd59Luca Greco — Bug 1580554 - Set a localized title on the abuse report dialog window. r=fluent-reviewers,flod,mstriemer
bd009ebbf5fce0f3852f20367db9ab0c66945e67Luca Greco — Bug 1580554 - Open abuse report panel in a separate dialog window. r=mstriemer
2e7ce1c4f3f01c2f5009313fcdf32d4e55adbae8Marco Bonardo — Bug 1583616 - Some numbers are searched and not autofilled. r=Standard8
0139bcb25a7456d3f466d689204094a9823223adDavid Walsh — Bug 1586775 - Basic debugger code cleanup r=jlast
b13503a2ce5f8a80a2e8046601c060d05777599bMarco Bonardo — Bug 1584545 - Clear the autofill placeholder if the first result is not an autofill one. r=Standard8
c13a124f1515a6f13ef3dd2599b0d1d3623027f5Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1586297 - Fix debugger's jest failures. r=jlast.
0ff644ae9d66c24d49861f78a0be3061c87160f9Edouard Oger — Bug 1584249 - Update enabled sync engines before opening CWTS dialog. r=markh
59e1ccf2ff04a68d0718099ae3e5e13b5c0fe4c7Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 8001cd377d20 (bug 1586775) for ES lint failure on utils/editor/index.js CLOSED TREE
d765c4f067715d56017f78c8fed2d3a30d714fb9Valentin Gosu — Bug 1586755 - Fix Json::Reader deprecated warning in TestMozURL r=JuniorHsu
5de53dab979a401d9ba1405974f691927e53c9bdSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1586674 - Simplify 'static inline uint32_t PRTimeToSeconds(PRTime aTimeUsec)' in CacheEntry.h too r=valentin
964c546711033e760f1e2b5cae7085cd169c8a10Rob Wood — Bug 1581990 - Have raptor-browsertime tests use the raptor browser profile/prefs r=nalexander
8f081694cf9bd8c388e0276cd3a40174c608eb44Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1586678 - Remove media/audioipc from the license exclude list r=padenot
8001cd377d20093c44c1aeabde023d9f59284e8fDavid Walsh — Bug 1586775 - Basic debugger code cleanup r=jlast
c9b71d1747eae5b24f09dc7b59b915761d0856c2Olli Pettay — Bug 1552814, make it possible to start dnd from dragable element even if DataTransfer is empty, r=NeilDeakin
3d0ff856543c67800892069f34a2f18c4e437a85Martin Stransky — Bug 1584790 - [Linux] De-scale window size when calculating aspect ratio, r=jhorak
a1483108dc8f50438d3dd59929ce14158b4e9003Michal Novotny — Bug 1585920 - network ID: fix VPN detection on Linux for non ethernet devices, r=valentin
d0213c17578ce7d852fd22ff989d06734d9394afMarian Raiciof — Bug 1581841 - Restore coverage of tp6m tests on g5 android hw r=perftest-reviewers,sparky
1dd081553a3ace0a42bffa7bef2abcfaea8184b3Greg Tatum — Bug 1581569 - Add type definitions for performance-new client; r=julienw
2c1c4849c8c94bfcb505407ffad91629cbf0b6f2Greg Tatum — Bug 1581569 - Configure the performance client to use TypeScript; r=julienw
907946837998c969f4901a6a13781026b3003b5bGreg Tatum — Bug 1581569 - Replace recording state object with plain strings; r=julienw
5ef1b1eeda774694658516f48e07eb07716f742aMirko Brodesser — Bug 1583221: change test `PreformatFlowedQuotes` to use `<span>` with `_moz_quote="true"`. r=hsivonen,jorgk
fc8421b8706013ae385d84baad663f28d5c5bb84Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1560059 - Bug 1530371 - Restore XPInstall permission for r=johannh
9323e7d49d49501842583b834d0b462da7ca1cd5Marco Bonardo — Bug 1585847 - Megabar doesn't expand properly when autofill is involved. r=harry
8531e4e107f7a98ea643b571bf08242e1923ca95ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP blocklist remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
0da03dadb7cb8784524e68a03a5f03de2acc4f7aNicolas Silva — Bug 1581798 - Remove fuzziness from reftest svg-as-border-image-4b.html on android. r=jnicol
eb8cc69904edc3c18e3c142d5ed3626637b8a2cdSebastian Streich — Bug 1585055 - Flip Pref for XTCO-NoSniff and update test to match r=ckerschb
e99752b85f6c7da3247dc938fd5a9c4ebbb3e775Chris AtLee — Bug 1542819: Use GCP signing workers r=mtabara
85a86e5a8815527c1a64d21ff63c66c086224285Jan de Mooij — Bug 1586485 - Don't discard script counts on GC when --dump-bytecode is used. r=nbp
51771d8af5b1ee02830bf4d67b0f1046ecfcaf16Valentin Gosu — Bug 1576480 - Fix test_setting_document.domain_idn.html for fission r=JuniorHsu
0ef0c5a2e38a7e62573018b3f4049279fe9b5b12Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1581467 - Use DisplayInside() / DisplayOutside() a bit more. r=mats
940605c0ca8a00b023d568b4940844c314af3a30Dão Gottwald — Bug 1584350 - Hide urlbarView overflow. r=mak
ef1337991836096864a3295567d0b2e79933c04bBastien Abadie — Bug 1584452 - Remove $SRCDIR prefix in chrome map generation, r=chmanchester
ec0f7787850e7196956cfde69f30602828abcaedSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1586674 - Simplify 'static inline uint32_t PRTimeToSeconds(PRTime aTimeUsec)' r=valentin
ffe0ac689fc7b0a562cb8946124d2bcd83a792ddBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset a69d0ed7e27c (bug 1573809) for causing multiple failures CLOSED TREE
f105027fd15ff308eedfb96f06c25ca225895cd0Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 19ac681aac4b (bug 1573809) for multiple failures CLOSED TREE
05633cdf3fc3ba77fde27453a3d27054688de2b9ffxbld — No Bug, taskcluster/docker/funsize-update-generator pipfile-update. r=sfraser
f7d1df2061e77d556eb36fac6b87c629d12f4038Radovan Birdic — Bug 1585957 - Minimal support for mips64r6 r=lth
a0c85570b9242a55f76b9d9dbaef29e6870ac7f1Christian Holler — Bug 1584537 - Support multiple connections in the Necko fuzzing layer. r=dragana
6f57113053962035874a72c536725b1755685b09Marian Raiciof — Bug 1547943 - Intermittent mozrunner.errors.RunnerNotStartedError r=perftest-reviewers,sparky
7e6a7b2f9fc65dbdebca4465dec03d42af83d9e1Lars T Hansen — Bug 1546074 - Remove support for 'passive' syntax for segments. r=rhunt
937f71d963aea2784fd7265fa0b05d8eb3ddb2b5Jan de Mooij — Bug 1585712 - Use AutoEnterOOMUnsafeRegion instead of MOZ_CRASH in ExecutableAllocator::reprotectPool. r=jonco
a69d0ed7e27cc91839844fdf49f16185ab906941Yoshi Cheng-Hao Huang — Bug 1573809 - Part 2 : trace jit realm. r=jonco
669c9f530d92dd7229fa314f74fcddee1cd3895cMakoto Kato — Bug 1584901 - Convert tail space to NBSP in composition string. r=masayuki
5027978b314f254a3d494ee8661bcbc0a2ab5e79Tim Huang — Bug 1581393 - Changing the tooltip string of the 'why' on the protections panel if the ETP is off. r=nhnt11,flod
603a39b6be5a593c1226001410e8fff73466dda6Edgar Chen — Bug 1129227 - Part 3: Add test for requesting fullscreen in async callback; r=smaug
7dfb03851178b9952e00216169b63e1da47d511bEdgar Chen — Bug 1129227 - Part 2: Switch Fullscreen to use transient-user-activation API; r=smaug
d9f6b3bbf9f7d2042841d827601b2bab96548e33Edgar Chen — Bug 1129227 - Part 1: Merge nsContentUtils::CheckRequestFullscreenAllowed into GetFullscreenError; r=smaug
19ac681aac4bcb6d24738e0ecc1e1810660ed0daYoshi Cheng-Hao Huang — Bug 1573809 - Part 1 : trace zone weakmap. r=jonco
d79153e62c0c8e555cca9afa47d19583ce77414eNeil Deakin — Bug 1573839, change browser_context_menu_iframe.js to pass a browsing context for synthesizeMouse calls, also fixes test_context_menu_iframe_sandbox_same_origin test that was incorrectly using the wrong frame, r=MattN
4b4202682c5535623ccd1ee2ca086c82c20938a7Neil Deakin — Bug 1573839, modify BrowserTestUtils.synthesizeMouse/Key/etc to handle fission. Remove support for passing arrays of selectors and instead modify the last argument to be a browsing context, or browser. Fix up tests that use this obsolete form, r=kmag
709eb73803095ab21843a39412290cfacb149b3aAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1583463 - End the tab source's track when the draw timer is guaranteed to have stopped. r=jib
f453f2d1145326042d0f9210e2f28f436fde9b74Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1583463 - Don't allocate and append frames when the tab source's stream has been destroyed. r=jib
0bb60b58c5f48de1327f8a3752f3422f7d3268aeAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1583463 - Move all usage of the tab source's mWindowId usage from media to main thread. r=jib
8f5e6334c780b6fd8820f387c3892b10a636a25aAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1583463 - Merge the tab source's InitRunnable and StartRunnable to avoid checking mWindow on the media thread. r=jib
2e24c5cac308985ae67f82bbe19d3389aa3bd3e0Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1583463 - Lock SourceMediaStream's mMutex also during shutdown. r=padenot
6d036df5d1f5acb2c510e514127f81b48bb54504Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1566795 - part 2: Clean up `HTMLEditor::SplitAboveRange()` r=m_kato
ff84a91c864141f95c2c6e6e6dd5054581840837Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1586659 - [Protections Panel] Only color the anchor arrow when it's at the top. r=johannh
db24db8f5f549ff446d1c3c69799187bcc2409e2Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1586605 - Simplify the SecondsToPRTime function r=valentin
0594860c03903c4458c563572474a54c8b26dcddPeter Van der Beken — Bug 1584907 - Deny internal entities closing the doctype. r=bzbarsky
05273fba6dadc286c4b61baa77cce7bf599e41c0Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1585487 - Update protections panel info message animation. r=johannh