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Mon Dec 10 22:26:27 2012 +0000
4c4bdc7fc6c6dd96ce72a768a4acd8dd0df2daf3Theo Chevalier — Bug 737600 - When telemetry is disabled in the pref pane, we should update toolkit.telemetry.rejected. r=bnicholson
ad491d4e39da0197c08a2ffc10f9206ea7bea82dTheo Chevalier — Bug 725987 - Create Telemetry (opt-out) notification for Nightly and Aurora (mobile). r=bnicholson
7b3ffe203ebf4db8308c9e37394d592e03887ae9Theo Chevalier — Bug 737596 - Enable Telemetry by default on Nightly and Aurora channels (mobile). r=bnicholson