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Wed Mar 26 13:59:34 2014 +0000
15ceb48e2bf68611fe89d6efc3c4f8bfd5db6b6eBobby Holley — Bug 958326 - Remove same-compartment security wrapper machinery. r=mrbkap
edc54a1c9a9be720a1061b400d7758493d4e30abBobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Add a helpful assertion indicating that the caller probably needs a JSAutoCompartment. r=luke
ae9c10bf7be8766453352e0d4a497a2856aa027fBobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Make the SafeJSContext default to a null compartment, and have AutoSafeJSContext enter the compartment instead. r=bz
70108e99c116f6f2e7eee8b3f2c4e5254ea426d3Bobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Don't depend on the default global for the SafeJSContext in nsJSUtils::ReportPendingException. r=bz
4846ef638fad7164a372def044fab677f113d6d1Bobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Prepare the cx stack machinery for a world where a cx has no default compartment object. r=bz
53f42355b2c88730457227eb437648acf41f62c8Bobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Separate the lifetime of the SafeJSContext global from that of the SafeJSContext itself. r=bz
77c860332b5eeecb1d7c07a888df44ba24bd426fBobby Holley — Bug 981202 - Create js-ified param representations in the System Junk Scope. r=mrbkap,f=vicamo