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Thu May 08 21:25:57 2014 +0000
11a57591cedbc8bb8734e11bd34c0fd70c426a7cTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1007486 - Ignore tag files generated by GNU Global. r=ted
80a904eed6edaf976d6470ebba5c7b9b3fc09d21Ian Stakenvicius — Bug 1007129 - Use MOZ_APP* to define target includedir path instead of LIBRARY_NAME. r=glandium
c916987d08cfdcaab60849c0f2567f5160f20610Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1007029 - GenerateGoAway: Remove pointless memset(). r=mcmanus
9c041bdfb8decf57e4b15ce6877b93eae18a657dNicholas Hurley — Bug 1006091 - Seer test needs to make sure pref is true before running. r=mcmanus
07b29d7938d33eaa6a86be843833cff40cb3158bIgor Kolupaev — Bug 997141 - Remove the recur parameter from nsIFile::Contains(). r=bsmedberg
4486d2c281db4e662518a380f560bac7d85d3c55Nick Lebedev — Bug 964750 - Make GestureEventListener rely on the EventStatus returned from the apzc. Add a check to apzc if touch-action allows zooming. Update apzc tests accordingly. r=drs