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Tue Jun 07 14:34:41 2016 +0000
44182df669827908761c819bdb2cba1c15ce39e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1277401 part 5. Change dictionary codegen to output Func stuff as needed. r=peterv
759fdef36b82043a3a95a830d686d0903f4a28fcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1277401 part 4. Fix up includes for dictionary members with [Func] on them. r=peterv
cd91042c6a8b0592afb34f7d503d5957b74263bfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1277401 part 3. Add IDL parser support for [Func] on dictionary members. r=peterv
42aa63e1c573df6139e8fcdd7713c24a6e8dfa92Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1277401 part 2. Fix up includes for dictionaries that have [ChromeOnly] members. r=peterv
8bca03ed2ecbb748bf18d6ac982116de94995c11Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1277401 part 1. Factor out the condition list generation for pref/func so we can reuse it for dictionary members. r=peterv