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Fri Feb 15 20:28:01 2019 +0000
4414af4d7368360eaee6f416e04e8e444b7a727dNeil Deakin — Bug 1519952, don't use the boxobject screenX and screenY properties in the tooltip listener, instead get the screen coordinates from the frame directly, r=bz
b980d74e702db481501dad76d4705c60062c3b69Neil Deakin — Bug 1519952, replace calls to boxobject screenX and screenY with the equivalent on XULElement, r=paolo
41da7f72eb6eb912a702170e912db116195f6bebNeil Deakin — Bug 1519952, add screenX and screenY properties to XULElement in order to replace places that currently get the screen coordinates of an element via the box object, r=bz
75b0a937397c76253bd72bfe1d548d842b81066dNeil Deakin — Bug 1519967, remove box object computations in richlistbox, r=paolo
d576a84575c4763024514aa479a40fa5e7ce6114Neil Deakin — Bug 1519950, change test_bug199692.xul to use getBoundingClientRect instead of box object properties. This test is one where the box object coordinates do not return the same values as getBoundingClientRect, due to a 'position: relative' parent. The test likely worked coincidentally, but the correct coordinates returned by getBoundingClientRect work as well, r=paolo