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Thu Nov 17 04:39:30 2016 +0000
387d3acae9e99bdc140a65fd367ecbaa6238f3a3Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - switch to use the new mutation event queue system r=davidb
43708cd293faa60fc2855a437602cb82d8bb9715Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - use accessible->IndexInParent() in DocAccessibleChildBase::ShowEvent() r=davidb
1b22ff1fe4a66ea222ea4d8217f07c0f84d75911Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - call CreateSubtree() before firing a show event for the tree root
0919d58c4e9e09a5aab6bce2c703cecd4dcb92c5Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - add methods to maintain a queue of mutation events to coalesce or fire r=davidb
f4585a8624eebd4ffc3098b1f167c122c4a3db43Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - add a map from accessible and event type to an event r=davidb
9814186062bc3772323c0c45457a47725e3f33c2Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - allow tracking when a mutation event was fired relative to other mutation events r=davidb
2c044a48a93897c9312bcd7ad7a32da1683df030Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - remove EventTree::{Shown,Hidden}() r=davidb
e89942576524b4a20209a9711633b94b61e15d1fTrevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - make TreeMutation track if it should be queueing events r=davidb
a61d922a5ae359c0473d5ee0496a521f7a1ae065Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - allow keeping AccTreeMutation in a list r=davidb
15e1b251bcc721aac41cc5ed8955a0be002e4469Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - allow downcasting AccEvent to AccTreeMutationEvent r=davidb
72e9db0aa74f79f6a030e5f5edf85a77d2d399c8Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - add a common base class of AccMutationEvent and AccReorderEvent r=davidb
8f2d9f13579c1c2410e13ddbe270c37967a372bfTrevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - allow tracking in an accessible if it has a pending show / hide / reorder event r=davidb
7a9358cf3143e0dc7ca5c0081e7dc4a6899ff43fTrevor Saunders — bug 1316154 - workaround don't actually set the prototype of orderChecker
e943ad944554ce274a83d8e940d8aa259f18da23Trevor Saunders — bug 1316119 - add a GetOrInsert to nsBaseHashtable that returns a reference to the value r=froydnj