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Wed Nov 14 23:38:56 2018 +0000
5b0d24759be622dd24c051e10e07941366626dd8Jeff Walden — Bug 1504947 - Add an EitherParser::computeLineAndColumn function and use it in places where it ultimately will be used when it does Unit-specific computations. r=tcampbell
fc1fbf30d7039277b8603eaafa034848edc5a55eJeff Walden — Bug 1504947 - Make ReflectParse code store a Parser<FullParseHandler, char16_t>* rather than a TokenStreamAnyChars*, because the former (or at least a Unit-specific token stream) will be necessary for proper column numbers when column numbers respect multi-unit UTF-8/16 code points. r=tcampbell
e6653e8332fadda4a3effa82180f3fdfa110163eJeff Walden — Bug 1504947 - Make ModuleBuilder store an EitherParser, not a TokenStreamAnyChars&, because it'll need it for correct column number computation when column counts recognize code points in UTF-8/16 and not just code units. r=tcampbell
389d058312162284f5cd461e2cb82786460985aeJeff Walden — Bug 1504947 - Split ModuleSharedContext out to its own header to attempt to minimize header dependencies. r=tcampbell
720a8da29394634661a0049777f0fcbcf666421cJeff Walden — Bug 1504463 - Add a jsapi-test for compiling UTF-8 without inflating it. r=arai
642babeab993dd1729a27cb2c29237738001e737Jeff Walden — Bug 1504463 - Implement JS::CompileUtf8DontDeflate that accepts const char*/size_t and compiles it as UTF-8 of uncertain validity without first inflating to UTF-16. r=arai
528ff344571beb8d01175198b0db64b68ca4a948Jeff Walden — Bug 1503109 - Use JS::CompileUtf8FileDontDeflate to compile script files in the shell. r=tcampbell
7878dc0a3896030003bb27f5f18e6f1b5b0b9c38Jeff Walden — Bug 1503105 - Implement JS::CompileUtf8FileDontInflate that performs compilation as UTF-8 without inflating, for opt-in experimental use until code is stable/proven enough that JS::CompileUtf8 can compile directly from UTF-8. r=tcampbell
d759d8052e768b202e6c1bad29080e3933793d31Jeff Walden — Bug 1503104 - Add a CompileLazyFunction overload that supports UTF-8. r=tcampbell
280587e10c971805d24c8cf1f2798763159043bbJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Make StandaloneFunctionCompiler::parse's |MutableHandleFunction fun| argument merely a |HandleFunction|, and make the compile function take its |MutableHandleFunction| argument first, not last. r=tcampbell as part of prior review comments
a005d87f9e929015e7d56f6ae500d29f35fdc4adJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Convert the two CompileModule functions to template functions, then call them inside non-template overloads. r=tcampbell
9d9b2d6342f770aa06a78e4e5932436293551086Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Remove the original CompileEvalScript overload, and rewrite all users to use a new (EvalScriptInfo&, SourceText<char16_t>&) overload that calls a UTF-8/16-ready template function. r=tcampbell
24670a08843eba386bc29ad58c8289c39ac969e7Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Remove the original CompileGlobalScript overload, and rewrite all users to use the new (GlobalScriptInfo&, SourceText<char16_t>&, ScriptSourceObject**) overload. r=tcampbell
1dd5267839b3ccd35c62bcff81f7b8c60304f13eJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Introduce a new BytecodeCompilation.h header for fresh bytecode compilation signatures coming soon. r=tcampbell
ba6ba95b3cd24e79ea99df4adb2ab4e7be1d7d0aJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Add a UTF-8 parser to the Variant inside EitherParser. r=tcampbell
774a0684f72479571a325c28442cb87bd1858c8aJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Implement ScriptSource::appendSubstring for UTF-8 source text, using a newly-implemented StringBuffer::append(const Utf8Unit* units, size_t len). r=tcampbell
ba4bdabbdd529c9d29357073b66b36ccf23caf74Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create syntax and full parsers in bytecode compilation passing |SourceText::units()|, so that Utf8Unit appearing here will continue to require individualized treatment. r=tcampbell
ecf813f9f9ea656b973f79c25352e7f2727f6c0fJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Implement ScriptSource::setSourceCopy to work for both UTF-8 and UTF-16 source text. r=tcampbell
9d7d25507cacca3488f4efd3e4034d3a45d405ebJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Implement CompileGlobalScript in terms of a template CreateGlobalScript function that handles UTF-8 and UTF-16 both. r=tcampbell
56eaf6c976d377cba4e44a302bdeda9e7420bd94Jeff Walden — Bug 1485800 - Rename SourceBufferHolder to SourceText, and add a <typename Unit> template parameter to it so it can hold putative UTF-8 or UTF-16 source text. r=tcampbell, r=fitzgen
422924c19ce5c0aa87174e713e3aa43564f1a4b3Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Templatize everything that's source-aware in bytecode compilation. r=tcampbell
532b05c76fa0ba9e56c278430a6e763feefa23a4Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Separate source-unit-aware functionality out of BytecodeCompiler into unrelated subclasses so that unit-agnostic functionality can be shared. r=tcampbell
630a1645006614713cbe8698542c6d278601cb6fJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Adjust some access controls now that BytecodeCompiler is used only as base class, not on its own. r=tcampbell
9dc874d79c1f1f60869a806ddeb4f78915504360Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass for standalone function compilation. r=tcampbell
3ed7e8a375625442194ebb38dc2fd4c1d476b760Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass to perform module compilation. r=tcampbell
76feab5328edddcedcacf16353b3fd8c05b2eedfJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass to perform eval script compilation. r=tcampbell
43b8810bb3eda6bc628dddda9209153c57de653bJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass to perform global script compilation. r=tcampbell
c489ba287b497b77e6bb7d4b7550e0792670726cJeff Walden — Bug 1503086 - Initialize all SourceBufferHolders with a fallible function that in all cases assumes ownership of given-ownership data. r=tcampbell, r=bz, r=mrbkap on some finicky worker code lightly touched here