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Thu May 07 16:05:40 2015 +0000
7a63a3b1bd61c5b008680524f9e829ff7905a380Mike Taylor — Bug 1162106: Add top .jp sites to CSS unprefixing service whitelist. r=dholbert
7e3204c8bfc6e1f1b7565e83d83b3738d3e5f050Daniel Holbert — Bug 1132748 part 4: Extend CSS unprefixing mochitest to cover -webkit prefixed gradient expressions. (no review)
7f5726cc7249006cfb4db3bc9f728d9f85307a51Daniel Holbert — Bug 1132748 part 3: Tweak imported cssfixme code to fit CSSUnprefixingService API. r=hallvors
cc88f4422a6f18cb8a55d87c18d165e116b7e8f8Daniel Holbert — Bug 1132748 part 2: Import cssfixme gradient-unprefixing code. r=hallvors
522d010bd1ff0641fb215423689a56d7d41af92cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1132748 part 1: Add CSSUnprefixingService API for handling prefixed gradient expressions, with stub JS implementation. r=dbaron
3efe5f06818d272bfe1ac853523984416500a9a3Daniel Holbert — Bug 1162319: Refactor mochitest for CSS Unprefixing Service, to support testcases with different serialization in specified vs. computed style. (no review, test-only)