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Thu Aug 08 23:32:29 2013 +0000
3d4fa3ab3108b285c50145f20940892a6d3535bbNicholas Cameron — Bug 899435. Part 4 - smooth resizing with OMTC. r=roc
d232d5d67b92bf9908b73e545ad867c85ea0100eNicholas Cameron — Bug 901382. Don't fall back to basic OMTC. r=mattwoodrow
cc3ab8b0a16ce95641443ffc33d7db63d24ff6fbNicholas Cameron — Bug 902330. Initialise shmem texture clients properly. r=mattwoodrow
0428fd3a0d3a3790f45c22511ea70ee69ae4e351Nicholas Cameron — Bug 902330. Fix the SupportsAzureContent mess. r=mattwoodrow
8d8f82c911f6dba6602c55d992b644209d24ea2fNicholas Cameron — Bug 901722. Part 2 - changes to generated files. r=bas
00d371b69457389e4b3886817e225485bbe4e971Nicholas Cameron — Bug 901722. Implement component alpha for d3d11 compositor. r=Bas
198e81ab1bb9c918841383de415203791a9be611Nicholas Cameron — Bug 901722. Tweek to d3d9 compositor blend modes. r=bas
7ffdc2d559d7b7740d53a26ffdeb23deab5981bcNicholas Cameron — Bug 902329. Implement component alpha thebes layers with Azure. r=mattwoodrow
c0274b4c2499a3b8fca24347dd19b8aa9516de73Nicholas Cameron — Bug 901722. Fix up component alpha/sub-pixel AA enablement. r=mattwoodrow
04d8c8834642e3f4f3666818bcb8d37729fc0a7fNicholas Cameron — Bug 901404. Support Azure with single buffered thebes layers. r=mattwoodrow
407e267aa4ed45b42caad82ccb5ed6c78761c6f0Nicholas Cameron — Bug 902528. Check we still have a render target in BeginFrame. r=Bas