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Thu Mar 27 19:05:27 2014 +0000
923bcaccf783033a06ec68b34f2fc2fc295bed13Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 988920 - Use getter functions instead of trying to access private member. r=botond
bce5074f6799bdeef606a2533bc2fba5ec1b7cdaJan Beich — Bug 988910 - Explictly include unistd.h for read/write/close calls. r=njn
2fbe01ee395571afd8fa5080c1e68fefa130875fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 984794 - Switch to sticky axis locking on B2G. r=Cwiiis
0216e66ff63b661b922b3fee734b45f6f887eb81Ethan Tseng — Bug 977518 - [RTSP] Resource leak from RtspMediaResource, RtspController and RTSPSource. r=sworkman
3c6c1e56fdee7da3019579886743e2ba7a658182Max Vujovic — Bug 948265 - Rename intermediate space to filter space and change filter space origin to user space origin. r=mstange, r=longsonr
2c636b3c79c1780726ebb03b26f3fb820bbaa24fGabriele Svelto — Bug 873284 - When a content process is running at high priority do not send memory-pressure events. r=khuey