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Tue Mar 10 14:28:49 2015 +0000
ee33df27bf15a1b28c77ce6d4f464a495b4c3d02Jonathan Kew — Bug 1138495 - pt 4 - Remove failure annotation from the final testcase, and add specific equality tests for the correctly-inflated rendering of 1c and 1d. r=smontagu
203acd3b8d71fc11e23f00808f270e7a45d686d3Jonathan Kew — Bug 1138495 - pt 3 - Compute font inflation based on inline-axis dimensions rather than always using physical width. r=smontagu
9804af358570510831d3a46489194e2d6d942f56Jonathan Kew — Bug 1138495 - pt 2 - Remove failure annotations from tests that no longer fail; note that the comparison of font-inflation-1c.html vs 1d still fails (they should inflate by different amounts). r=smontagu
77d2661c8d1af8699fbb7498fa44414ebb7250efJonathan Kew — Bug 1138495 - pt 1 - Rename NS_FRAME_IN_CONSTRAINED_HEIGHT flag to NS_FRAME_IN_CONSTRAINED_BSIZE, and set it appropriately according to writing mode. r=smontagu
3b2a45bc4307a0a5cff0949a4e30d3b86b5bdb0fJonathan Kew — Bug 1138495 - pt 0 - Reftests for font inflation in vertical writing mode, initially annotated as failing. r=smontagu