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Thu Nov 09 23:43:33 2017 +0000
a812659b1aa89c977b90ecd58b3e8bcb07080095Neil Deakin — Bug 380637, when an Alt+accesskey for a menubar menu is pressed, check if the user has blocked sites from overriding keyboard shortcuts, and don't send the event to the page if so. Add a similar check for the F10 key which focuses the menubar. An additional capturing keydown listener is added because the key needs to be blocked before content sees it. r=masayuki
a1030875b7c8c7b33e49c91aefeacdacc4425724Neil Deakin — Bug 1411705, check the pseudo char code in GetAccessKeyCandidates so that this check works in both keydown and keypress events, r=masayuki
3a4fbb2ae0221a9cf3986bc18a199d3ddfcdb4b7Neil Deakin — Bug 380637, move reserved key checking into ContentUtils so that it can be shared with menu accesskey checks , r=felipe
b65525d75c01cd73197b457f930c6415f3bfafdfNeil Deakin — Bug 380637, add site-specific permissions to prevent pages from overriding keyboard shortcuts. This is done by preventing the key combination from being sent to the content page, r=felipe
814806beaaf8d82d9ff8d57543263d8ca2720d51Neil Deakin — Bug 380637, add a general preference to prevent pages from overriding keyboard shortcuts. If a key doesn't specify the reserved attribute, this preference will be used, r=felipe