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Tue Sep 12 19:19:26 2017 +0000
b507473b9b75dfcf08e4529483583a169f598ff6Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397060 - Don't call ComputeOpaqueRect unless we're going to make use of the result. r=mstange
951b97610913788ec70a4297b5a76ac785488962Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397058 - Make display item type flags compulsary and add them for all item types. r=mstange
610fbd30a6a37ad15d24d6dbb9a6ff37c07d9f9cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1397057 - Invalidate frames whenever we toggle an animation on the corresponding Element. r=birtles
371a03aa9b2469730b3fa300509eaeeb2ba5e255Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397056 - Add Contains and a return parameter to Remove for SmallPointerArray. r=froydnj
380200b5b5c008de30e23f057b0d19d7ebba0bf7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397054 - Reset nsDisplayListBuilder state each frame so that we can use it multiple times. r=mstange