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Tue Jun 07 22:03:34 2016 +0000
439fa181138b2140d5c54367374345ce872fb75fSteve Fink — Bug 1277174 - Forbid nursery allocations within AutoAssertEmptyNursery, r=jonco
36d7fea71d4f48d3e68f9a9e575a156cb81c7615Steve Fink — Bug 1277938 - Remove the now-unused JS::ContextHasOutstandingRequests, r=bz
f07ebb2e13ef2b71b87fc8d7fdf3ef7c2628c15cSteve Fink — Bug 1277690 - Implement Cell::dump, and make (mostly) all dumpers accept a FILE*, r=jonco
93b72ac4606770c4e53b8ec35fc84bcf2aac92a8Steve Fink — Bug 1272887 - Set alignment of PersistentRooted.ptr field for reinterpret_cast on win32, r=terrence
707ad126d07645605f523c9da4b8e14cc7ad75a4Steve Fink — No bug. Prevent shell command echoing from mangling hazard build result output lines.