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Fri Apr 27 00:25:03 2012 +0000
e8bf76219f364346ef1b0e0b93636e819e1c9935Matt Woodrow — Bug 749055 - Add index parameter to nsDisplayMathMLCharForeground. r=roc
35dfe0d44d83ba99c977e43ebc4d10f8fae45513Matt Woodrow — Bug 746421 - Make nsTextBoxFrames overflow area include the LOOSE_INK_EXTENTS of the text. r=jfkthame
3ca6df58d05d3ceab3fcca20643695aac5a97d7eMatt Woodrow — Bug 747718 - Disable ColorLayer optimizations when we have rounded-rect clipping. r=roc
1751cbffa7084e4ea4c0a149dfd44e3ea93c7ee9Matt Woodrow — Bug 740072 - Make perspective-origin check the style parent instead of frame parent. r=roc
20f5d6d265cb16b1ff206966cceab4eee6cb8255Matt Woodrow — Bug 739743 - Mark deferred tree SVG tests as fuzzy. r=dholbert
302c5a56596573df8124f30823a2e798e2b17a4fMatt Woodrow — Bug 735178 - Add error tolerance values when sorting preserve-3d layers. r=roc
7a077df0c773fc9044cfa33ec58a64ff919f5de4Matt Woodrow — Bug 735178 - Add debug coloring of sorted 3d layers to help identification. r=roc
2841b49cfb165b575697ed509ad8ef21a2101823Matt Woodrow — Bug 739490 - Pad OpenGL temporary surfaces to avoid bug with incorrect border drawing. r=roc