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Thu Apr 09 02:51:03 2015 +0000
6607b7fca4f44284affc47e0779af37132f7d524Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1149235 part 3. Store async requests in the scriptloader in two lists, so we don't have to grovel about looking for loaded ones. r=sicking
c15e0ee2ee9f88b65ab525c986c4b156ad2efa0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1149235 part 2. Switch to using linked lists for nsScriptLoadRequest. r=sicking
50cb8f889d230e7cb75ac283fd7e5c69489d9f84Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1149235 part 1. Move nsScriptLoadRequest into nsScriptLoader.h. r=sicking
7a3a671dedd592560892f6af6cb622903110fa27Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1151940 part 3. Make some writable cssom-view attributes that we only allow setting from chrome act the way readonly replaceables would when called from content. r=smaug
ab636388d337132c08add96ad722d77f02d78ec9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1151940 part 2. Add a convenience function in nsGlobalWindow for replacing a property on the window with a new value. r=smaug
3044755948fd0a9ed6171c64939b3cff4e3daa94Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1151940 part 1. Make some readonly properties defined on Window by CSSOM-view replaceable. r=smaug