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Wed Sep 23 10:45:32 2015 +0000
15e7ac19b26ed6bdb5813479b914897e6c0ec82bKarl Tomlinson — bug 1207003 only create track for external AudioNodeStreams r=padenot
63b1064ba50057c5ed2d3d80a2458ba2b947e281Karl Tomlinson — bug 1207003 add GraphTime parameter to ProcessBlock() and remove GetCurrentPosition() r=padenot
2fe45d4590e580cabf0486c91c6e62a68b700164Karl Tomlinson — bug 1207003 remove unused aStream parameter r=padenot
ade3b46614b0a8b3f96ab8440c0bcbf497e9edd4Karl Tomlinson — bug 1207003 fetch stream position once instead of three times r=padenot
b6ef4e4af23ad722085ea78d29c316d11efaa517Karl Tomlinson — bug 1207003 coallesce external output chunks when silent r=padenot
ccec05c4554b071a66731502a2a1ba9766564594Karl Tomlinson — bug 1207003 remove unnecessary EnsureTrack() call r=padenot