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Tue Sep 20 16:21:28 2011 +0000
2ea7c7953cb86a2c1e853ee8113ae601aa2bdc1bLandry Breuil — Bug 685820 - Fix uint64/uint64_t usage breaking the build on OpenBSD/amd64; r=cjones
89d8b2add33ff2e51a17cea95cecce66e18bf6a1arno renevier — Bug 687634 - Test for whiteImage status in gfxXlibNativeRenderer::Draw; r=roc
969aaa109a23e2f9a0fe3a4efa0642f67d938d88Oleg Romashin — Bug 687373 - Provide mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11 non xlib surface ctor. r=cjones
ebbc50bbebeb2b3142efd9fbde0d0be0666008f9Geoff Lankow — Bug 663075 - FileUtils.jsm should have an easy way to create an nsILocalFile with a path; r=sdwilsh sr=rstrong
028baeb2ca2125590df8cae87beabf91b25e2117Felix Fung — Bug 675794 - about:config must trim whitespace from the name for a new alphanumeric; f=margaret