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Wed Jun 01 02:04:55 2016 +0000
7d46836853cd3bc69986f012bcc9466a8c00853aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1276400 part 4. Stop setting dontReportUncaught in XPConnect code, since all consumers got their JSContext from an AutoEntryScript or AutoJSAPI. r=bkelly
2abd1b50f67314aee593ef3d629505492b55d832Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276400 part 3. Stop setting the dontReportUncaught option in IPC code, since we're working with an AutoJSAPI there. r=bkelly
2c74e35ddd1e8a46e04741caa7608ea784369ba1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276400 part 2. Stop setting the dontReportUncaught option on the worker JSContext, since workers should be using AutoJSAPI/AutoEntryScript for everything. r=bkelly
5ae227cd2b5d1aebb1ca866694b5ba0be242327cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1276400 part 1. Get rid of AutoDontReportUncaught and its one consumer. r=bkelly