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Tue Feb 26 19:49:11 2013 +0000
2b8d0b73600e58b722e5b8a0828e504eb61be248Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: Don't use a runtime value root to implement the 'customNative' property of 'it'. r=waldo
e150e804f9029ee1d10b4d6b936551d7531282d4Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: In js/src/shell/js.cpp, Use JS_SET_RVAL, instead of assigning to *vp. r=waldo
4c8b199ed597e46d62c812f4c68e4ae97e9aee15Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: Replace JSVAL_VOID and similar constants with their JS::MumbleValue() equivalents. r=waldo