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Sat Jan 27 07:54:29 2018 +0000
c50cbf6e81761639707a404ea74ca3c4a66fff3aJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move a bunch of functions in builtin/intl/CommonFunctions.js into more-specific files, where those functions are only used in a single more-specific file. r=anba
767fb4816abcdd14a973ba71fad66f086eeb9e5cJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - js/src/builtin/Intl* doesn't exist any more, so don't tag it as BUG_COMPONENT = component_intl. r=anba
78bfd0529ebc98bdda5fa5ef515971e78ad969bdJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move builtin/Intl.js (which now contains only shared functionality) to builtin/intl/CommonFunctions.js. r=anba
9b62c6b3c1cf6eef1df690470fb086b55a7ae30dJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.Collator self-hosted code to a new builtin/intl/Collator.js file. r=anba
c404144650e37b5cad6989ac9f3520b3e382a6f3Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.NumberFormat self-hosted code to a new builtin/intl/NumberFormat.js file. r=anba
bcd670c8e8bf281a7f131aca54f6077b39d6ade1Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.DateTimeFormat self-hosted code to a new builtin/intl/DateTimeFormat.js file. r=anba
b07e1addf75ae11026d595f2a485728c8ff4adaaJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.PluralRules self-hosted code to a new builtin/intl/PluralRules.js file. r=anba
d8bd220344f3954d7cd2378907ef2838050d54a5Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.RelativeTimeFormat self-hosted code to a new builtin/intl/RelativeTimeFormat.js file. r=anba
3afd136081b8b524dab0972e23d9c61096983705Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move the self-hosting of non-constructor properties of Intl to a new builtin/intl/IntlObject.js file. r=anba
19ce0b9891f4ca89da0a68f3190cacb3eef08f86Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Rerun |python ./ langtags| generating langtag mapping data into the new location, demonstrating that the only changes that happen are timestamp changes). r=anba
6f84c0c14d7cbe271a8058ceb85b0cb80d044655Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Rerun |python ./ currency| generating currency data into the new location, demonstrating that the only changes that happen are because upstream data changed (in insignificant ways). r=anba
7c438d33f37d262d8a10b41b4e2ac0cbcb7038ebJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move various generated files from builtin/Intl* to builtin/intl/*, and add "Generated" to their names for clarity. r=anba
4f315f5bdd5a6100fe58282e5ddb733e15f16ab6Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move builtin/Intl.* to builtin/intl/IntlObject.* and trim the contents of them a little further. r=anba
147d42b58a5eafdab94b0dc704262b8fadefeca4Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Trim builtin/Intl.cpp's #include set down to size, now that it contains *only* stuff related to Intl, its non-constructor properties, and initialization of Intl. r=anba
8e7562a2e2afc5acc3ca78ce3259ce213937225dJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move String-based Intl-dependent functionality out of Intl.cpp, into jsstr.cpp. It may *depend* on Intl, but it *lives* on String, so it should be defined in String code for easiest searching. And with newly-slimmed builtin/intl/*.h headers, it's no real compile overhead to define this outside of Intl code. r=anba
8aa8df97799cb75d9acf1fa54d799d8967fbf56fJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.RelativeTimeFormat functionality into builtin/intl/RelativeTimeFormat.*. r=anba
21463ee0ce1a383f9eba91b46d3b4958092f8c2aJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.PluralRules functionality into builtin/intl/PluralRules.*. r=anba
31be1665a5d757f3a4b83f87a81583df30cc6a8bJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.DateTimeFormat functionality into builtin/intl/DateTimeFormat.*. r=anba
a671868ffa9caad5ff7b80ff8bb5199387378172Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move SharedIntlData into its own builtin/intl/SharedIntlData.* files so the world doesn't have to import all shared Intl functionality. r=anba
cf6b00396d19491834dd557bc8a7e985f572478dJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.Collator functionality into builtin/intl/Collator.*. r=anba
2aabca30def81d6bcc5bd2d5b9b7941afe67706bJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move NewUNumberFormatForPluralRules next to its only use. r=anba
e6db3ed5c6f61308d044594df1dc2a6336703263Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move Intl.NumberFormat functionality into builtin/intl/NumberFormat.*. r=anba
20c515e44ae858c2cd27a97f37cd447145a80e2aJeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move functionality used in the implementation of multiple Intl.* constructors into builtin/intl/CommonFunctions.*. r=anba
ffb9f4e463dbc67d6b3f1e543766d678941aaed0Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move ICU stub functions into builtin/intl/ICUStubs.h. r=anba
6518882d84718cbc4ce789bf229c618d6bc67f58Jeff Walden — Bug 1431957 - Move ScopedICUObject to its own header. r=anba
e266383ee349457626c646694a374d9d3ef7bc19Jeff Walden — Bug 1432646 - Implement mozilla::WrapToSigned. r=froydnj
816c9ead4b0c87ae9d9d6138a8de35d8c1436928Jeff Walden — Bug 1432646 - Don't overflow performing signed integer arithmetic when performing |JS::ToInt32(0xFFFFFFFF)|. r=froydnj