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Wed May 16 18:12:59 2018 +0000
96c5b23f87ce394b6774e63a1b7b3e8000d2a660Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Use `-release` platforms for top-level balrog tasks; r=aki
357a0f6b127a20e829085be76a3735d13904e060Tom Prince — 487c3 Bug 1456234: [release] Use `-release` platforms for bouncer tasks; r=aki
2a05d615132e4c1f2a35252596eb9365550ea00bTom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Change update-verify platforms to match the corresponding build platforms; r=aki
ebd47abc01ca5f26af2ad62da07665443fd790ddTom Prince — Bug 1456234: [taskgraph]: Add a helper for adding a suffix to a possibly grouped treeherder symbol; r=dustin.